Who we are

We are team of dynamic architects and landscape architects with a passion for design, and a deep belief in the need for humanity to reconnect with nature.

Established in 1999, doxiadis+ has delivered high quality projects of different scales and types, ranging from national environmental policy and large seven star resorts to private residences, from master-planning and landscape architecture to architecture and interior design.

We are devoted to delivering excellence in design, and work to provide solutions

that jointly satisfy the needs of people and the environment.

We take pride in our professionalism and our international standards. We practice extensive collaborations, and have worked with many of the top design teams in the world. Our network of collaborating consultants and engineers assures that complex problems are addressed as such from day one, leading to solutions that are both comprehensive and elegantly simple.

We value our clients, and know that good projects result from good relationships.

We have completed over 250 projects, most of which are by return clients. We invest into research of urban, landscape and building issues which then inform our projects. Our work has been recognized both nationally and internationally.

Values create values

Our design is driven by our values.We believe in harmony with the location, with the client, with the environment.  We see our work as creating scaffoldings for living organisms, human and others to develop their own meaningful existence.

We believe in the respect of nature, of what already exists, of all forms of life.

We bring value by providing inventive and harmonious solutions to complex problems.  By being passionate about design, and its capacity to re-connect us with nature, the landscape, and even ourselves.

What we can do for you

Our unique, multidisciplinary approach unites the solidity of architecture with the dynamic, flexible nature of landscape architecture into a whole which is much greater than the parts.

We deliver projects that require sensitivity to site and nature, responsiveness to client needs, and excellence in design.

It allows us to address all scales of design from site planning to building design and interiors to landscaping, or to assume part of those roles in complete understanding of a full project. Our outstanding core team is complemented by a series of specialist collaborators (environmental experts, engineers, agronomists, GIS specialists, land use consultants etc), to ensure all issues are addressed to the highest standard. We take projects from initial concept to final delivery, ensuring consistency and excellence throughout.



Our built environment encounters major challenges such as sustainability, economics, social cohesion, social justice and the redefinition of our place in the world. We understand design not only as a form of creation, but also as an examination of these same relationships. It is through in-depth research of relevant topics and by exploring innovative ways of thinking and acting that our projects, cities and landscapes are formed and made habitable. Find out more here



When buildings and infrastructure must be integrated into a landscape, site planning ensures the maximization of value and the minimization of destruction.

Our services include:

Landscape and visual impact assessment

Site analysis

Site design


Landscape ecology design

Landscape preservation / restoration


We are regional leaders in landscape architecture, having completed over 200 projects and gained international recognition.

Our service include:

Infrastructure design (road network layout / drainage system / lighting / utilities)

Hardscape design (grading / walls / pavements/light structures)

Softscape design (earthworks, planting / irrigation)

Outdoor lighting design

Construction oversight

Maintenance oversight


Our buildings are informed by our unique combination of architecture and landscape, uniting users and nature. We have designed highly successful commercial spaces, and distinctive houses ranging from 200m2 to over 4.000m2 for demanding clients.

Our services include:

Site analysis

Building design

Interior design

Restoration and refurbishment

Construction oversight


We have successfully completed a number of construction management projects for demanding private clients.

Our services include:

General project management


Ordering of materials and plants


Site management


Architect, Landscape Architect ASLA
B.A. MArch, MLA Harvard University
Dipl.-Ing. RWTH Aachen

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Architect, Landscape Architect
NTUA, MLA UPC Barcelona

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Architect, Landscape Architect
NTUA, MLA UPC Barcelona

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Architect, Landscape Architect
NTUA, MLA UPC Barcelona

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Spatial Designer
RIBA Part1 AA, MA CPNE Central Saint Martins

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University of Patras
Architect, Landscape Architect
NTUA, MLA UPC Barcelona
Construction Manager
Rural & Surveying Engineer, NTUA

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UOA, Un. Lumière Lyon 2 French Language, History and Arts

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