Private Villa in Triades, Island of Milos, Greece 1

This is one of the most beautiful areas in the Aegean. Within a nature preserve, old agricultural fields are surrounded by native vegetation overlooking sculpted white beaches. Adding a building to such a pristine place becomes an almost impossible task.

The solution is to tuck the building into one of the existing “pockets” of the native vegetation, and to play form in response to the strong local conditions. A language of duality is developed for the design: on the front, a sharp, linear shape creates the façade towards the field, marking the separation line between the intervention and nature left untouched, facing the spectacular sea view. On the back, a more playful language prevails, volumes interlocking with open spaces creating in-between spaces from the end of the building to the beginning of wilderness. Thus, the building becomes a catalyst between these two native landscape qualities, making the most out of both.

Approaching from the side and before entering the building through an enclosed garden of citrus trees, one is yet unaware of what is to come. A succession of open and enclosed spaces leads you through the house to a central space at its core. This space separates the public and private uses, and unites the two powerful qualities of the place: the fine scale of the garden and the enveloping forest on the east, and the pool axis and breathtaking view to the sea on the west.




Triades, Island of Milos, Greece


400 m² built area, 2.5 Ha plot area


2009 –


Architecture, Landscape Architecture