Private Villa in Triades, Island of Milos, Greece 2

Here a dialogue needed to be established, between the ruined 19th century building on a pristine landscape, and the new building that will house a family in summer. The new structure would clearly need to remain quiet and contained, forming an unobtrusive backdrop, but at the same time approaching the ruins enough to integrate them into the houses’ outdoor spaces.

The building is inserted into the existing slope of the landscape so that it is only visibly exposed on the front. This front side is a very simple long wall with a minimum of windows. Elements that are verbose – such as openings, planting, the swimming pool – are hidden within the courtyards formed in the gaps of the wall. On the back, the building is buried into the ground and the roofs are planted.

The courtyards are the main feature in the life of the house. All spaces play between courtyards, which either face the front and the views or are introvert towards the back. In this way each space’s interaction with the environment is maximized, while the building form is compact and quiet. At one end, a large open space and pergola allows for summer living between house and ruins, at its other end, the master bedroom is continued by a more private outdoor space and pool.



Triades, Milos island, Greece


250 m² built area, 0.5 Ha plot area




Architecture, Landscape Architecture

doxiadis+ Team

Thomas Doxiadis, Aris Petrou, Ira Vonderthann

Project Team

Structural Engineer: Sofia Vamvouni
Mechanical Engineer: Gerasimos Vasilatos


Andreas Metaxas