doxiadis+ is a pioneering design team of experts creating Landscapes and Architecture rooted with a deep respect for People and Nature. Since 1999 the Athens-based practice has been

Forming Symbiosis

To see the world, and humanity place within it, through the lens of Symbiosis is to look for the interdependencies over the conflicts. We are driven by a constant sense of exploration and respect for the intricate relationships between living things. By understanding these connections we create beautiful sustainable spaces in which people can thrive in balance with their surrounding environment.


Villegiardini_Settembre_2023_cover _DOXIADIS+

doxiadis+ Garden in Corfu on Villegiardini

Giardini d'autore External link
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Thomas Doxiadis will be speaking at Landscape Festival I Maestri del Paesaggio in Bergamo

  The Landscape Festival is an event of international importance...
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Thomas Doxiadis will be speaking about Creative Sustainability at Vorres Museum

  Vorres Museum announces the second three day event on...
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doxiadis_ ADM5

doxiadis+ discusses conscious living, sustainability and climate change on ADM5/23: The Green Issue

Thank you LiFO, Design Ambassador, Archisearch External link
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Thomas Doxiadis speaks about Sustainable Parks for the future at Mediterranean Garden Society at Sparoza

Thomas Doxiadis speaks about Sustainable Parks for the future at...
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Thomas Doxiadis PHALA guided tour at Ellinikon Experience Park

Thomas Doxiadis gives a guided tour at the Ellinikon Experience...
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