“a BOX”

“a BOX” negotiates the relationship between the lost natural landscape and the urban one. This installation was part of ReMapKM, parallel to the 1st Athens Biennale in 2007. “a BOX” is placed outside the boundaries of the defined exhibition spaces, within the city itself. The dynamic negation of the inside by the outside, effected using a mirrored surface on the exterior of the box and asphalt on the interior, disputes one of the most fundamental Athenian images, that of asphalt.

Although asphalt is the most visible element, in this installation it has been accentuated visually, tactilely and olfactorily, so as to stigmatize its prevalence and the position that it occupies as one of Athens’ main constituents.

“a BOX” acts as a catalyst of consciousness, in a city that has been over-saturated by asphalt. It is a box that reminds us of the mechanical processes of incarceration and liberation, construction and deconstruction of present-day Athens.



Keramikos-Metaxourgeio, Athens, Greece


9 m²




Urban intervention