A-Talk22: doxiadis+ talks about sustainability

The goal of sustainability dominates political and social current affairs in the post-covid era. While the world has not yet reached its immunological age, geopolitical shifts focused on European territory are pushing the discussion of security and our common global coexistence to the forefront. The "Emerging realities" event seeks to examine the changes reflected in the architectural work in a landscape of new, emerging realities, always in relation to man, society, and the "invisible" parameters that affect it.

This panel will discuss contemporary definitions of sustainability, the relevance of this year's award of Francis Kere at the Pritzker Prizes, the "old" trend of upcycling and its transformation into the "new" idea of the circular economy, building certifications, and the way that people welcome and experience change.

Credits:  Curated by the Design Ambassador, Content by ARCHISEARCH.gr
Source: https://buildexpogreece.com/ekdiloseis/architects-talk/

Watch the full video of Sustainability panel here:
https://vimeo.com/772376253 (Thomas Doxiadis at 16:39)