Four Seasons Astir Palace Vouliagmeni Greece

The historic 60’s resort necessitated total redesign of its outdoor spaces.

Activities were disconnected and valuable spaces were underutilized. The spectacular landscape was degraded. The elegant 60’s and 70’s aesthetic was destroyed by 80’s additions.

Functionally, we identified and re-established several zones. Pools where upgraded and new ones where located in order to serve as an outdoor plaza, theater, event space, and connector between the two hotels. Conceptually, materials and aesthetics were simplified and rendered elegant, using the existing materiality of the spectacular landscape, providing seamless integration with it and drawing attention to it and to the sea. Design elements were inspired by the aesthetic of the hotels: gentle bending for Arion, a play of cell-like boxes for Nafsika. Special attention was paid to structures’ roofs, as they form part of the landscape seen from the hotels.

The scope included masterplaning, landscape architecture (hardscape and softscape) of all external areas through all design phases and construction supervision.


Vouliagmeni, Athens Riviera, Greece


65.000 m2

Project date



Landscape Architecture (Hardscape and Softscape)