Bar Belafonte

The owners of the Nixon Bar decided to create the Belafonte, a bar next door in the same industrial block built in the 1930ies, which would be dedicated to good music and drinks. Though still in the same sensual spirit as the Nixon, this bar should also appeal to a crowd interested in music, intimacy and good fun , so a design to reflect the intent and to attract these crowds was needed. Slightly lighter lines and textures and more space for standing crowds became were incorporated into the proposal.

The layout revolves around a very long, classic pewter bar positioned in the centre of the fairly narrow and elongated space and spanning across the room, facing the entirely vitrified façade and the street.

A theatrical overhang glowing in ambient light is positioned above the bar, serving as the main focal point of the space as well as storage space for the glasses and bottles.  Sofas and booths as well as tables, light fittings and barstools are designed to enhance the industrial style of the building adding a more lavish, Art Deco touch.

The scope included architectural design, lighting design and furniture design.


Keramikos, Athens, Greece


120 m²




Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design