Bar / Restaurant / Cinema in Keramikos

The brief was explicit and conflictive: It should be a timeless place, without alluding to any obviously contemporary or minimal styles. Neither should it copy earlier precedents. All the same it should pick up on the atmosphere and timbre of anterior examples, bearing in mind that it should also be influenced by its cinematic aspects. And it would of course have to establish the best possible interaction between the required uses. The question was how to naturally design the space, without leaving the palpable traces of contemporary design.

The layout was based on a few simple principles. Both, the bar and the cinema were split into levels, slightly rising towards the backdrop. The platforms serve various purposes: In the bar, the differences in level create zones without obstructing vision and thus making the space look bigger. The levels also work as stages, producing particular perspectives onto the picture-framed street view, the reflective, fragmented wall in the rear and the crowds populating the bar. In the cinema, the levels were fitted with sofas and armchairs to create an intimate environment.

The textures, colours, shapes and lighting were applied to generate the sensual and absorbing qualities of the spaces.

The scope included architectural design, lighting design and furniture design.


Keramikos, Athens, Greece


300 m²




Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design

doxiadis+ Team

Ira Vonderthann, Sophia Hassou