doxiadis+ on Domus Nova Greece is the Word, London, UK

Extract from the articledoxiadis+ is an award-winning Athens-based firm committed to excellence in contemporary landscape design. Their philosophy is founded on the complexity of the design process, taking a holistic approach to any project, regardless of its scale.
The firm was founded by Thomas Doxiadis, who was born in Athens and studied at the Harvard University of Architecture. doxiadis+ is based in Athens and has offices in Hamburg and London.
Set on a hilltop above the stunning landscapes of Porto Heli, Amanzoe – a hotel from the Aman Group – is simply spectacular. Drawing its name from the Sanskrit-derived word for peace, and zoe, the Greek word for life, Amanzoe’s philosophy pays respect to its beautiful Peloponnese countryside surroundings and coastline. The hotel instructed doxiadis+ to take care of the landscape architecture – they wanted a garden that would seamlessly enhance the existing landscape. Reintroducing natural elements synonymous with Greece and its landscape, the firm’s focus was on the surrounding area’s pine forests, vineyards, olive and carob trees, wheat fields, aromatic vegetation and stone agricultural walls.
  doxiadis+ played with various qualities and sensations, from refined to wild, to provide not only a beautiful landscape, but one that belonged to the area too. The techniques used throughout had environmental gains, ensuring that they retained the local biodiversity and landscape history, and minimalised water usage and the need for pesticides and chemicals. The firm made sure to keep the construction footprint on the environment as low as possible See the aricle -> Domus Life Summer 2015 - Home Grown &