Global Design NYU, London

doxiadis+ participates in exhibition and round-table discussions GLOBAL Design NYU is designed to showcase innovative practices as they relate to visionary architecture, urbanism, and ecological planning. The exhibitions and lecture series exist to educate students, practitioners, and the general public. Cities and Citizenship A pervasive absence of decisive political action on climate change, despite a rich trove of knowledge about its potentially dangerous consequences since at least the 1970s, combined with the failure of successive global summits to reach adequate resolution affects us all. Where do design and environmentalism cross over to make an impact on these issues? Along with the scientific aspects of ecological design, we are interested to explore the intersection between design and the social sciences at large by explicating the concepts of cities and citizens in parallel. What is the relationship between city-making and citizenship? Can design provide new and richer tools for strengthening citizenship and advancing human rights and responsibilities? How can we test or evaluate our individual actions toward the built environment while becoming active participants, rather than passive consumers of the city? Can cities be modified or redesigned to address equity as well as sustainability?