ancient theater of Milos

Preliminary spatial strategic study for the Milos Archaeological Park

We are excited to announce the commencing of a new and enthralling landscape project, concerning the archaeological site of the ancient town of Milos. This ancient settlement on the Cycladic island of Milos covers an area of 25Ha, most part of which has not yet been excavated, and is still covered by a landscape of thousands of years of history.

The project, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, Department of Antiquities of Cyclades, consists of the masterplan design of the archaeological site and its surroundings, for the strategic development of the visiting rate and accessibility of the site. Thus, a network of paths will be projected, creating a pleasant route in the historical landscape for the visitor, while connecting the neighboring villages of Plaka, Trypiti and Klima to the archaeological site and the adjacent Christian catacombs.

The new project will be part of the local identity, making use of the traditional and historical resources of the place, and fully integrated into the natural and cultural landscape of Milos.