landscape plan of school courtyard in Vienna, Austria by doxiadis+
landscape section of school courtyard in Vienna, Austria by doxiadis+
perspective diagrams of rooftop vegetation scenarios - PPAG - doxiadis+
axonometric drawing of vegetation occupation - PPAG - doxiadis+
sketches of natural vs aritficial landscape in school courtyard - PPAG - doxiadis+

Primary School in Vienna, Austria

An elementary school is designed in a central neighbourhood of Vienna, as an extension of an already existing school complex for a range of students from 5 to 18 years old. The design facilitates an open educational procedure, while it creates new outdoor spaces that sum 5m2 of open space per student.

The concept on the landscape is directly connected to the general concept of the project on progressive education. The landscape is part of the educational experience of the students of all ages. There are no strict boundaries or separation between outdoor spaces for younger and older students. On the contrary, activities that refer to either group blend with one another in an outdoor space in constant motion.

The landscape evolves progressively from natural to artificial, while advancing from the eastern part of the garden towards the rooftop courtyard. Special focus is given to the season changing experience through nature. Deciduous trees, colourful plats and soft groundcover materials allow children to observe, interact and experience nature and its cycle.

Motion, relax, imagine, study, ecology, play, produce, investigate. Uses are determined in space by the transition between natural and artificial, creating a responsive landscape in constant flow. Access, fire regulations and rainwater management elements are all incorporated in the design and become key features of a playful and educational space.


Vienna, Austria


0.5 Ha




Landscape Architecture, Ecological Design

doxiadis+ Team

Thomas Doxiadis
Chrysi Gkolemi

Project Team