Residence in Antiparos Greece

The site and its surroundings imposed a subtle and respectful approach. The hillock has beautiful sea views, and is buffeted by the Aegean summer winds. Thus the layout of the volumes was carefully designed to open to the views while protecting from the winds and turning away from less desirable views towards the neighbors.

The house will integrate with the historic landscape. On the seaward, wilder side the indigenous dry aromatic vegetation is left untouched. On the landward side, which is more protected, fruit-trees, olive groves and vineyards echo the agricultural landscape beyond.

The house consists of a series of volumes and small courtyards assembled around the main pool terrace. The main house and the guest house form two smaller conglomerations. The height and size of the volumes slightly differs according to their use, thus adapting to the Cycladic scale. A composition of internal and external spaces is created to allow interaction with the environment and a life close to nature. The courtyards give privacy and protection, respecting the need of outdoor spaces for summer living and as an extension of the enclosed spaces.

The chosen building orientation, shape and envelope had to provide protection from the severe northerly winds, to tackle the implications of the cycle of the sun and to cover the functional needs of a summer house. The result is a building which allows pleasant habitation but also respects environmental building principles.  


Antiparos island, Greece


280 m² built area, 0.8 Ha plot area




Architecture, Landscape Architecture