Private Villa in Mykonos island

This villa on the coast with spectacular views of the Aegean necessitated placing a rich programme on a steep site. The design had to respect the simple and stark surrounding landscape, while at the same time providing a contemporary aesthetic.

The site strategy resulted from the very problems posed by the site. A long area behind the house has been shaped into a series of terraced gardens with singular themes, such as olive grove, pavilion, vegetable garden, aromatic kitchen garden, entrance and parking. The steep slope in front of the house leading to the pool has been celebrated through contemporary use of the traditional stone terrace walls, the “pezoules”. Here they have become stone wedges cut into the ground, visible alternately from the house or from the sea, which contain the walk from house to pool providing a rich viewing experience. This hillside is planted with lavender and other Mediterranean aromatic dry plants. The pool area is kept very simple so as to focus the view to the sea, while beneath it the property wall has been cleverly recessed to give one the sense that the property extends into the sea.

The scope includes landscape masterplaning and design. Elements designed include retaining walls, landscape structures, parking areas, landscape paving, landscape lighting, earthworks and vegetation.


Mykonos island, Greece


0.5 Ha




Landscape Architecture