Public playground in the heart of Athens

view from the top of the play hill at Serafeio playground designed by doxiadis+

Public playground in the heart of Athens

This newly inaugurated playground is located within the Serafeio swimming pool complex, in an area of Athens in need for public space, especially one that is children-friendly. The projected space creates play opportunities for four different age groups (toddlers, pre-school and school children and teenagers) and is wheelchair accessible. The design promotes playing as a growth mechanism and an opportunity to learn and create. The space is organized in two levels:

The upper level – sensory landscape is designed for younger children. The different materials – cobblestone, sand, wood, earth- the colored paving formations, the vast variety of Mediterranean plants and the artificial landforms stimulate the senses and encourage an educational experience.

The lower level – urban plaza addresses mostly school children and teenagers. The area under the cypresses and poplars is transformed into a plaza that creates the opportunity for socialization and user interaction; a place to “see and be seen”.

In the intersection of the two levels an artificial hill is formed; a sculptural formation that encourages blending and free play.

The result is a playful and educational space in the heart of Athens that motivates children, ameliorates public space and promotes open-space progressive learning.

Let’s play!