Strategic Study for the Protection and Upgrading of the Greek Landscape as a Tourism Resource

The Greek Landscape is beautiful, richly textured, and ancient. As such it is perhaps the main resource for Greece’s tourism economy, which in many cases accounts for most of economic activity in an area. On the other hand, this new economy and other contemporary factors are causing the degradation of the very landscapes which it values.

This study provides a framework for the preservation and upgrading of the Greek Landscape. A thorough examination of existing conditions regarding the Greek Landscape, the main forces transforming it, and the existing legal and institutional framework for its preservation and upgrading provides the field for intervention. Extensive research of best practice from European Union countries provides comparable experience, as well as an armoury of instruments. As a result, the study provides for solutions which are realistic and effective in the Greek case.   Special attention is paid to the introduction of renewable energy production units into the landscape.

The study is the first of its kind in Greece, establishing a baseline for strategy, methodology, values and rules which pertain to preserving and upgrading the landscape of the whole country.




Institutional and legal framework for regional planning, landscape management, and landscape protection

doxiadis+ Team

Thomas Doxiadis
Dionysia Liveri

Project Team

Alexandros Bofilias, Alexandros Haralambous, Kritias S.A.


Ministry for Tourism