Thomas Doxiadis at ΕΣΩ [eso], Interior Design and Architecture Conference, Athens, 2022 – Crossing Territories


This event is in collaboration & co curation by the Mies Van Der Rohe Foundation. It is also a co production of the Design Ambassador & +Design Magazine with the Onassis Foundation.   Crossing is the place of in-between, of uncertainty, of non-evidence, of what is strange or different. Crossing, positions us at the limits of citizenship, of what we understand by humanity and architecture can take all this and transform it into strength, setting a first map of a society with new ways of doing.

Crossing Territories takes place on 15 June at STEGI - ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE as the catalyst of the experiences that we have been living in the last years that aim towards uncertain social, cultural, political and economic transformations: from imposed to actual tremblor in front of uncertainty without preconceptions. Crossing Territories will benefit from the experience of Fundació Mies van der Rohe and the EU Mies Award with its always open and welcoming community of people who make it possible. Cultural activists and critics and artists and architects, who all find themselves in this crossing point.

This is the 10th ESW conference, an event that is well established as a major cultural event among architects, designers and artists.

For more details about the event, the schedule and the speakers you can visit the following link of the event: