Lecture Thomas Doxiadis Hotel Megatrends Xenia 2019

Thomas Doxiadis gave a lecture within Xenia 2019 in the Hotel Megatrends panel. The lecture focused in sharing his thoughts and experience regarding Eco Hotels and the importance of sustainability within the hospitality sector through our completed projects of the Astir Four Seasons 5* hotel in Athens, Greece along with the AmanZoe 6* Hotel and Private residences in Porto Heli, Greece.
With its central theme of “Innovation and Tradition”, Hotel Megatrends by xenia 2019 made a dynamic comeback to present itself even more sophisticated, giving solutions and inspiring the full range of visitors of the exhibition. Tt a time when all major tourism industry executives say that the strategy of the tourism product should focus, in the future, both on quality and on creating experiences for the hotel client, Hotel Megatrends has tried to contribute to this evolution of Greek tourism, to highlight ways in which key but indispensable variables such as innovation and modern international practices can be combined with our tradition.
Or you can find the lecture at the following link -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqWHrh4tkDo&list=PLb6z8fC0QEe2zuKJzvfFQkytqJrpMpUpO&index=2&ab_channel=XeniaExpo