Thomas Doxiadis on Kathimerini daily

By Dimitris Rigopoulos   Lost chances or open opportunities? Following up on Thomas Doxiadis’ “Losing Eden” lecture, Dimitris Rigopoulos presents the main foci of doxiadis+ work and research. According to Rigopoulos, one of Greece’s preeminent cultural journalists, our “substantive (and not at all self-satisfied) autonomy defends an entire philosophy in the relation of the built environment and the landscape, and is directed through very personal channels of a finely elaborated sensitivity which flows into open horizons”. Rigopoulos explains our overall concern: that humanity has reached a turning-point. Our survival will no longer depend on the degree to which we will dominate nature, but to the degree that we will be able to coexist with it in a new kind of symbiosis. And that the work for creators is to point with their work in that new direction.   TD_Kathimerini_20150308