doxiadis+ Thomas Doxiadis Wonderground Planthunter Cover

Wonderground Journal – Planthunter features Thomas Doxiadis doxiadis+

We are thrilled to be featured within the first issue of the Wonderground Journal titled Arise and Shine.
Wonderground is a spirited and intelligent print journal exploring the human connection to landscape, plants and place. It is the physical manifestation of The Planthunter digital platform.Featuring a range of voices, views and ideas, the inaugural issue of Wonderground focuses on questions of transformation. Change is both constant and challenging, scary and stimulating and it feels fitting to start a new print journal, and a new year, exploring this topic.
doxiadis+, Thomas Doxiadis Architect, Landscape Architect and Writer is featured among a distingushed array of contributors including : Cultural anthropologist Natasha Myers, garden designer Dan Pearson, award-winning author Holly Ringland, poet Jacklyn Suskin, writer Freya Latona, landscape architect David Godshall, author and farmer Bruce Pascoe, landscape architect Thomas Doxiadis, Landscape Architect, Architect and Writer, Felix de Rosen, poet Rachael Mead, writer Zena Cumpston, landscape architect Thomas Woltz, photographer Daniel Shipp, farmers Charlie and Tanya Massy.
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