The Good Dirt

Work of doxiadis+ featured in landscape designer Xanthe White's new book "The Good Dirt"
landscape architecture book on soil health and gardening

Work of doxiadis+ featured in “The Good Dirt”

The Good Dirt. Improving soil health for more successful gardening. This is the title of the new book of landscape designer Xanthe White, where the work of doxiadis+ is featured, as a good practice example.

The book is a beautiful guide to inventive design ideas and features, that help enhance the fertility of the different soil types found in New Zealand.

In its pages, Xanthe White praises the work of Thomas Doxiadis in Greece, and his approach of designing gardens that unravel into the landscape:

Rather than defining the boundaries of a garden, instead it gradually dissolves into the scape beyond. Like a water colourist’s brush melting a horizon into the sky to indicate a point we know exceeds our vision, the garden does not at any point begin or end.

From the stone walls that create shelter for plants and gathering points for soil, to the use of plants of the landscape beyond in order to create a gentle transition both for the eye and for the delicate soils beneath, the projects and design features of doxiadis+ provide beautiful inspiration for soil health and successful gardening practices, aptly winning their place in the pages of this elegant and useful guide.

You can purchase the book here