Almhof Schneider hotel in Lech, Austria

The last weeks have seen the planting-out of the Almhof Schneider hotel, in Lech in the Austrian Alps. The skiers can reach the hotel directly from the ski track, thus the project required the organizing of the flows of skiers, visitors and vehicles in the site.

The terrain is characterized by steep slopes. The concept of the design is inspired by the folds of this terrain, generated by the flows of water, wind, snow and animals into the landscape. The design ranges from the direct reproduction of the dynamic forms that these folds generate, to their conversion and “translation” into gently modulated patterns.  The whole thing feels at once as part of the wider landscape and as its miniature. The challenge is for these forms to create an interesting topography, even when covered in snow.  Planting adds to the integration of the property into the natural alpine landscape, using native species in their natural, or for reasons of scale dwarf form. The planting gains inspiration from the existing ecotopes, forms and species in the surrounding natural alpine landscape.