Coastal Chic Corfu Residence Publication Garden Design Journal UK

Architect and Landscape Architect Thomas Doxiadis transformed a Corfu cliff edge into a contemporary garden.
Greek designer Thomas Doxiadis is now achieving full maturity as one of Europe’s leading landscape architects for both public and private projects, at home and abroad. In Greece, in the private sphere, he regularly deals with wealthy, cosmopolitan clients attracted by the sun and sea as well as economic crisis, but Doxiadis also began his career under the influence of a famous uncle, Constantine Doxiadis, one of Europe’s pioneer urban ecologists. Early on, his dominant concern was to respect and preserve ecological balance, particularly challenging in a country marked by millennia of human experience
Doxiadis founded his practice Doxiadis+ in 1999. It has always functioned on the basis of cross-disciplinary collaboration, always with respect for site history and ecological balance. Collaborators work on projects of different scales and types, from national environmental policy and large seven-star resorts to private residences. The studio has made a name for itself with dry gardening projects, comparable to those of James Basson MSGD in France - both designers inspired at times by nurseryman Olivier Filippi. See full Article ->