Isopolis: Thomas Doxiadis

The proposal for the redevelopment of the former Athens International Airport by Thomas Doxiadis develops the following ideas: Following the two pre-existing mountain streams, two parks extend from the foothills to the sea. Between these, a new urban area is created. It is based on the spatial organization of the Ekistics model (Konstantinos Doxiadis / Doxiadis Associates). The terrain is changed to afford better sea views, and to collect rainwater for the parks. Greenzones develop at all scales. From the house scale to that of the neighborhood and finally out to the metropolitan parks. In order to be alive and animated, the park caters especially to under-served Athenians, such as children, who can now enjoy a huge playground, drawing other age groups with them. The park and urban area develop in stages. The airport is gradually chewed up and recycled into park and buildings. Processes such as the natural regeneration of plant communities protected by fences become the main theme of the park. The recycled airfields create beautiful landscapes. Evidence of both these processes already existed on site and provided the inspiration.