Private Villa in Geneva, Switzerland

The villa is located on a hillside overlooking the Lake of Geneva and the city itself. This is the home of a Mediterranean family who live permanently in Switzerland. The house is simple, modern and elegant. The garden must at the same time be simple and warm, Swiss and Mediterranean.

The landscape strategy is to establish two zones: the native zone, facing the Bize, the freezing northern wind. And the Mediterranean zone, in the house’s protected southern area. The strategy furthermore is to establish a very simple overall feel of simple greenery, which in specific locations is punctuated by strong modern elements such as the Mediterranean Stripe, the Pebble Beach next to the pool featuring both large Swiss granite and Mediterranean marble pebbles, the Flower Stripe, the Scholar’s Garden and the Wild Grasses Slope.

The scope includes landscape masterplaning, design, and construction supervision. Elements designed include retaining walls, storm-water management, landscape structures, landscape lighting, earthworks and vegetation.


Geneva, Switzerland


0.3 Ha




Landscape Architecture