Thomas Doxiadis keynote speaker at the Garden Museum, London

Delightful Cities, the cutting edge from across Europe - Curated by Tim Richardson, 29/04/14   This day-long symposium curated and chaired by Tim Richardson explored the concepts of delight, variety and surprise in our cities and urban environments. Have these valuable aspects of landscape design been lost amid the enthusiasm for ecologically viable 'solutions' to the 'problem' of our cities in the 21st century? Whatever happened to delight? An international roster of speakers interrogated this idea, including Martin Rein-Cano of Topotek1 (Germany), Thomas Doxiadis (Greece), Helle Nebelong (Denmark) and Zus(Netherlands).    

doxiadis+: Delight for a New Era

Our lecture explored new ideas of delight in the age of crisis, parsimony, and climate change.  Through our projects, we demonstrated that design which is respectful of existing landscapes, uses limited resources, and is high on creativity, can provide delight in a new era.